What can you see and do in the Altopiano di Pinè plateau?

If you are wondering what you can see and do in the Altopiano di Pinè plateau, we at the Bio Hotel Brusago have some tips for you!

The Altopiano di Pinè plateau is a wide valley at an altitude of around 1,000 metres above sea level located between Valle di Cembra and Valsugana. The landscape here is not rugged: don’t expect particularly high mountains or rocky peaks but rolling hills covered with forests or meadows used for grazing cows and goats. Climbing higher the small villages and hamlets make way for alpine pastures and huts where cheese and butter are produced, and where you can sample delicious homemade snacks to enjoy while trekking or on walks.
Nativity scenes, skating on the frozen lake and lots of fun on the snow ensure that even in winter this part of Trentino never loses its charm.

Food and wine, nature, sport and relaxation: on the Altopiano di Pinè plateau every holiday is tailor-made!


Lakes in the Altopiano di Pinè plateau

The main attraction on the Altopiano di Pinè plateau is definitely Lake Serraia. This lake is at around 900 metres above sea level and during the summer its shores are popular with friends, families and couples looking for a relaxing day out far from the city: sunbathing, fishing or swimming are all popular activities with tourists as well as the locals.

Don’t miss the 4 km circular walk that links this lake to an adjacent lake called “Lake Piazze”: walk through very different environments like reeds, woods, meadows and the typical agricultural landscape of the area.
Lake Serraia and Lake Piazze are not the only ones in the area: near to our Bio Hotel Brusago you can find Lake Buse and just a little further away the Frog Pond and Laghestel.


What can you do in the summer and in the winter?

In summer and autumn, you can go for walks and cycle rides in the natural settings of the Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley, in the heart of the Trentino Dolomites. In the winter you can dedicate yourself to skiing and plan an escape to enjoy wellness, art and good food. Discover what to do n the Altopiano di Pinè plateau.