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Welcome to Bio Hotel Brusago Vital & Wellness in the Dolomites mountains, Pinè Plateau, in Trentino South Tyrol


The Bio Hotel Brusago is placed in such a natural and particular landscape in Trentino South Tyrol that even UNESCO finds it worthy of protection: the Dolomites Mountains. In a territory protected by strict environmental regulations respectful of nature’s life- cycles: Trentino South Tyrol. Our people are simple, with a genuine and strong soul, born and grown in tight symbiosis with such a beautiful and compelling land: the Pinè Plateau. From this comes our commitment for the safeguard of the places where we live, our beautiful mountains, our lakes, our culture…and for your and our wellness. In Hotel Brusago in Pinè Plateau you will find a sincere and authentic welcome, in accommodations designed to make you feel comfortable, where your mind can be free from thoughts and worries, in order to finally dedicate the right time to yourself and the people you love. A vacation where you can regain energy, fitness and the right vitality in harmony with nature in a comfortable Bio Hotel in the Dolomites Mountains in Trentino South Tyrol. An Eco Hotel that has combined the eco compatible tourism philosophy and the environmental respect of Trentino. For this reason it was built in accordance with bio architectural principles, by using natural materials, with a low use of energy and minimum waste production.